Terms & conditions LeadingCard

General Terms and Conditions for Participation in LeadingBonus

1. Participation and membership cards

1.1 In accordance with the legal restrictions for minors, any natural person over the age of 18 may participate. Companies and other legal entities cannot participate. Only one membership is possible per person.

1.2 With the purchase of the card and the connected activation of the membership, the customer accepts the general terms and conditions.

1.3 Membership is held under the name of the cardholder and at the email address provided by the cardholder. The LeadingBonus card is personalised to the member. Only the member whose personal details match the serial number of the card may use the card.

1.4 Changes of name and address must be made by the cardholder in the cardholder section on the Internet.

1.5 The usual booking rules of LeadingCampings also apply to participants in the LeadingBonus program, regardless of their membership level.

1.6 Participation in the LeadingBonus program does not give the customer any right to betterment, regardless of the level of their membership.

1.7 LeadingCampings e.V. reserves the right to terminate a membership at its own discretion. This termination explicitly includes the right to forfeit accumulated but not yet redeemed bonus points in the event that the terms and conditions of membership have been violated. Such violations result from irregular or disrespectful behavior towards LeadingCampings and its employees, partners or guests, criminal acts or those that are generally considered immoral or unethical.

1.8 Except for LeadingCampings, only the LeadingBonus member himself/herself is entitled to information about status and points balance.

2 Collecting points
2.1 Participants must declare their membership in the LeadingBonus program when booking camping pitches or rental accommodation or when checking in at the campsite in order to ensure that their points are registered.

2.2 Points can only be retroactively added in the event of a booking error and only if the error can be proven by means of documents (invoice). In such cases, points can be retroactively booked up to 30 days after the stay in question.

2.3 A participant in the LeadingBonus program is credited points based on his/her overnight stay. Points are only awarded for completed stays and completed activities. Bookings made that are not used do not result in points being credited. Points are not awarded for stays with free accommodation vouchers, e.g. from competitions or third parties.

2.4 Points are only awarded to the member assigned to the card.

2.5 Participants in the LeadingBonus program receive points for all stays at the regular rates of the respective campsite from the time the card is issued.

2.6 At no time can points be sold, inherited, transferred or exchanged for cash or used for purposes outside the LeadingBonus program. Points, prizes and documents will be confiscated immediately under these circumstances. Two or more participants cannot combine their points, e.g. to reach a point level that entitles them to redeem a prize.

2.7 Participants may redeem their points and receive rewards as soon as their points balance is sufficient for the intended reward. Points are valid for three years from the date they are awarded, after which they expire.

2.8 Points are not given on discounted rates, e.g. tour operator discounts, group discounts for companies. LeadingCampings reserves the right to exclude any type of rate, special promotion or destination from the points award.

2.9 LeadingBonus participants who simultaneously participate in other, comparable customer loyalty programs can only be credited points once per stay. Points already credited to the participant in the LeadingBonus program cannot be transferred to another program.

2.10 If no points have been earned in a consecutive period of 24 months, LeadingCampings reserves the right to terminate the membership, provided that the member has no further valid points available.

2.11 Points can only be claimed by a member for one pitch or rental accommodation per stay.

3. redeeming points
3.1 Only the Member personally in whose name the Points account is held may claim Points. Members are responsible for keeping their card number and personal password safe so that they do not fall into the hands of unauthorized persons. Members cannot hold LeadingCampings responsible for the consequences of improper password use.

3.2 Points can be used as a means of payment for rewards, each of which requires a certain minimum number of points - whether for generally valid LeadingCampings rewards or for rewards that each campsite offers individually.

3.3 The number of special offers for bonus point redemption is limited. Therefore, redemption is subject to availability at the time of redemption. At certain times, there may be no offers for bonus point redemptions at all.

3.4 Points cannot be used in conjunction with discount promotions, vouchers or special promotional offers unless expressly granted.

3.5 In some countries, the use of discounts or rewards in the context of customer loyalty programs, such as are common for airlines and hotels, may be subject to tax regulations. Questions in this regard must be clarified by the participant directly with the relevant authorities. LeadingCampings declines any responsibility for taxes or tax obligations of the participants.

4 Use of personal data
4.1 By activating his/her Bonus Card, the participant agrees that LeadingCampings may collect and store personal data related to membership and the member's activities. LeadingCampings is allowed to do so in the context of membership
based on existing legislation and in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Membership. The personal data will be processed in order to manage the membership as well as to correctly record the inflow of LeadingBonus points, to check and execute reward requests and to coordinate offers and activities of LeadingCamping partners.

4.2 LeadingCampings e.V. is responsible for the protection of personal data. Members of the LeadingBonus program have the right to be informed which of their personal data is stored by the LeadingBonus program. To do so, a written and personally signed request must be sent to LeadingCampings e.V., Kettelerstr. 26, D-40593 Düsseldorf, Germany. Members can correct or remove incorrect or incomplete data themselves in the member area of the Internet. In addition, the member may write to the above address at any time and state that he/she does not wish to receive any further direct mailings.

5. miscellaneous
5.1 The scope of LeadingCampings' responsibility is limited to the premium itself. All agreements outside the premium itself are outside the scope of LeadingCampings' responsibility.

5.2 Any fees and taxes shall be borne by the member. In the event that the member fails to pay or disputes the payment of any such fees/taxes or other charges that LeadingCampings or the campground in question is obligated to collect, the member will not be able to use his/her points until payment is completed.

5.3 From time to time, participants in the LeadingBonus program receive special offers from LeadingCampings. These may be limited in duration, available only to certain markets or certain groups of members. It may also be a condition to register if you wish to benefit from such special offers.

5.4 Program content, terms and conditions of membership, riveting benefits, the rules governing points and point amounts, as well as all other provisions in these terms and conditions, shall apply until further notice and may be changed without notice. LeadingCampings will make every reasonable effort to announce changes in a timely manner, but cannot be held responsible if this fails. Members will be informed accordingly through at least one LeadingBonus communication channel. In addition, LeadingCampings will provide information about changes upon request. LeadingCampings reserves the right to terminate the LeadingBonus program.

5.5 Should a LeadingBonus partner become insolvent or otherwise no longer be able to fulfill its responsibilities towards LeadingBonus and LeadingBonus members, points booked for rewards but not yet redeemed will be refunded.

5.6 These GTCs replace all previous ones.

6 Jurisdiction
6.1 In the event of a legal dispute regarding the LeadingBonus regulations, German law shall apply. Legal disputes will be settled before a German court. This information was checked at the time of printing. LeadingCampings cannot accept any responsibility for subsequent changes, errors and omissions.