Enjoy camping with a baby or toddler and relax

Happy children laughing, little people having great holiday fun, and mum or dad enjoying some time for themselves - experience unforgettable moments at LeadingCampings. And take advantage of amenities such as family bathrooms, nappy-changing rooms, baby equipment and many other toddler-friendly services!

Mild climate, baby pools, affordable prices - Leading holidays with small kids

Camping with babies and toddlers - a soothing time for children and their parents or grandparents. Sometimes exhausting, but also a unique time in life that both young and old enjoy. Especially on holiday.

You and your partner can watch contentedly as the kids discover the world, meet neighbouring children of the same age or proudly conquer the baby playground. Or splash around in the pool with your squeaky little ones and enjoy toddler-friendly services, sanitary facilities and leisure activities.

Leading comfort when camping with a baby or toddler

Toddler-friendly sanitary facilities, nappy-changing rooms, buggies and pushchairs or bike trailers for hire, baby equipment - discover the many toddler-friendly offers at LeadingCampings. And of course you are very welcome in the campsite restaurants with small campers. High chairs or children's corners, baby food or healthy children's menus await you and your little ones.

If you want to enjoy extra comfort with small children or babies, book child-friendly rental accommodation. In many mobile homes, bungalows or lodges, you can book baby and children's beds, high chairs, baby baths and much more.

Tip: Book your dream camping holiday in the early and late season, while children or grandchildren are still at school. For example, when camping with a baby or toddler in spring, May, June or September. Then the climate is usually pleasantly mild and the atmosphere is relaxed. Another advantage: the prices for top-class camping holidays are cheaper then - with full comfort and service!