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Whether it's the beauties of the north, such as Copenhagen, or the baroque city of Dresden, sights in the Alps such as Neuschwanstein or Salzburg, Siena and Florence in Tuscany or Barcelona, Venice, and other charming city gems on the Mediterranean, the Adriatic or even the Atlantic: enjoy new impressions, sights, lifestyle, and flair.

Sightseeing, shopping, discovering the country and its people

Explore charming towns and sights near LeadingCampings. Stroll through picturesque old town alleys, stroll through small shops, or modern shopping malls. Get to know your holiday destination from a culinary point of view, at colourful weekly markets, or in a cosy restaurant. Experience knight's castles, enchanted castles, or interactive museums. Be part of wine tastings, local festivals, traditions, or musical events.

This is why you experience your holiday destination intensively with Leading Campings

Every LeadingCamping has been a part of its region for generations. The owners and teams of LeadingCampings know and love their homeland. They are rooted and yet also open to new things. They are always up to date with local attractions and holiday ideas. If you want to stroll through small places spared from tourism, or discover unusual sights: every LeadingCamping has many excursion and insider tips ready for you!