On summit heights and alpine pastures, through forests, heaths, meadows, on beaches or cliffs, short or long: hiking is pure experience, pure relaxation.

Campsites all around hiking

Whether a challenging tour or a relaxed walk, individual or guided, at LeadingCampings you will find your favourite trail. Well laid out and signposted for all hikers, walkers, and runners.

You will receive valuable tips, hiking maps, and more on site. Hiking in Tuscany, on the North Sea, Atlantic or Mediterranean coast, on the moors, in the foothills of the Alps, or high up in the mountains - what will you discover on your hike?

Why hiking makes your holiday even more exciting

Enjoy fantastic panoramas, good air, great experiences, intense moments, and small discoveries along the way. Take your food and drinks, jacket and headgear, smartphone, maybe binoculars, a map, and compass with you. Put on sturdy trekking or hiking shoes, and off you go!

Look forward to the wide views, lush flowering, fragrant meadows, shady forests, deep valleys, rolling hills, and high peaks. Perhaps you will spot a marmot, fox, or deer? Listen to the tapping of a woodpecker, the bells of the alpine cows, or the village church down in the valley. Spot wild geese, cranes, or the eagle in the sky - or spot the colourful butterfly that lands on your hiking backpack.

On hikes, it is often the small experiences that touch the soul and remain unforgotten.

When hiking in the nature around your LeadingCamping, you can really relax. The picnic, the schnitzel, or the snack afterwards taste twice as good! And it is a pleasure to sit together, tired but happy, on your pitch, in the beer garden or in the inn, to review what you have experienced.