Your LeadingCard is waiting for you at any LeadingCamping. Simply purchase your LeadingCard at the first of the 38 LeadingCampings that you visit on your trip across Europe. This is especially recommended if you are just about ready to go on holiday. However, if you would rather have your LeadingCard sent to you before you set off, you can order it here. Please keep in mind that it will take about one week to get to you by post.
We will send you the LeadingCard including an invoice of EUR 10. We will pay the shipping costs for you. Please note that we will not activate your card until after you have made the payment. Only then will you be able to activate your LeadingCard with your personal data.
I would hereby like to place a binding order for the LeadingCard subject to a one-off fee in the amount of EUR 10: