The standard of camping in Portugal is mostly a basic to medium standard. There are many campsites all over the country. However, the few better quality facilities are to be found along the Algarve coast. This is where the only LeadingCamping in Portugal is located; it became a member the group in 2016. Inland and along the Atlantic coastline, you will find mainly smaller and more plainly equipped campsites.One of the characteristics of camping in Portugal is that campsites are not allowed directly on the beach. The distance to the ocean varies from a few hundred metres to several kilometres. In view of the distance to central Europe, the "Fly & Camp“ option for campsites along the Algarve Coast is a popular alternative to the journey by car. Faro has become the hub of traffic for charter and low cost airlines. The winter sun and dreamlike beaches attract their passengers to the bungalows and mobile homes of the campsites in Southern Portugal.