It does not always have to be North Cape: even Southern Norway offers various types of countryside and fascinates its visitors with vast fjelds (barren rocky plateaus), roaring waterfalls, glittering glaciers and breathtaking fjords. Camping comes naturally to inhabitants of Norway, as statistically every 58th Norwegian owns a caravan or a camper van. This is why there are so many campsites in Norway – however most of them are of average quality. LeadingCamping Hallingdal Feriepark is the best campsite in the whole country, perfectly located for a complete Norway experience. Being a year-round destination, it offers everything from hiking, mountain biking and river fishing to water sports and skiing adventures. Although, in general, Norway is fairly expensive, camping prices are pleasantly low. This is why camping is the cheapest way of travelling across Norway. In addition, the campsites are well-known for their “Hytter”, a fixed type of accommodation similar to mobile homes, for guests who don’t have their own camping gear. Of course, at Hallingdal Feriepark these aren’t simple mobile homes, but luxurious small holiday houses with top-to-bottom windows facing the river. Furthermore, campers can easily shorten the long journey from Central Europe thanks to numerous ferry crossings.