Den Haag, Amsterdam and Rotterdam – the seat of government, the metropolis and the most important harbour of the Netherlands are located in Holland, the western part of the country, along the North Sea coastline. Here you will also find wonderful, endless sandy beaches, for example around Callantsoog. In the Netherlands camping is a matter of course and there are plenty of campsites – not only on the coasts of Friesland, Holland or Zeeland, but also inland. Brabant, Twente or the National park Hooge Veluwe are very popular among camping enthusiasts. In addition, camping in the Netherlands almost always means cheerful children’s entertainment and effortless day-in day-out holiday life. “Gezellig” is the term the Dutch use for a blissful camping experience that is not limited by too many strict rules. Camping in the Netherlands means large, green pitches, often car-free campgrounds and a lot of playgrounds for children. However, it also means snack bars in lieu of restaurants and sometimes a rather simple infrastructure. Luckily there are also five LeadingCampings located in the Netherlands and these campsites offer the best quality.