With its diversified countrysides and cultural hotspots, Germany is a wonderful holiday destination. It features campsites along the North Sea and Baltic Sea coasts as well as in the low mountain ranges and in the Alpine foothills. Summer and winter camping are both very popular. The most popular holiday regions, where the LeadingCampings are also located, include the Baltic Sea coast with Fehmarn, Germany’s sunniest island, the Lüneburg Heath, the Osnabrück Land featuring the Wiehen Hills, the Mecklenburg Bay, Saxony including its metropolis Dresden and the Elbe Sandstone Mountains, the Dreibädereck area in Bavaria, which surrounds Germany’s golfing hotspot Bad Griesbach, the Lake Constance region, the Allgäu and of course Upper Bavaria with its lakes and highlands. Experience campsites in Germany at the highest level as a starting point for discovering the diversified holiday regions. The North Sea boasts a healthy bracing climate, fresh air and beautiful beaches as well as a great number of campsites along the coast line. Camping by the North Sea offers a wonderful camping experience in the four countries of Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. It also means camping along wide sandy beaches and behind green embankments on the mainland and on the islands.