France has a tradition of offering its visitors haute cuisine, wine and savoir vivre. It is also a wonderful camping destination due to its varied possibilities. However, camping standards differ and are often lower than in the rest of Europe. Therefore, it is good to know that France also has LeadingCampings that offer their guests a reliable quality standard. Camping is possible in all French regions. As an example, there are LeadingCampings in Brittany in the northwest. Brittany (La Bretagne in French) is a camping destination par excellence. Natural beauty, old traditions and towns full of cultural treasures are waiting to be discovered by camping guests. LeadingCampings can also be found in the Loire valley with its world-famous castles, along the rough Atlantic coast, on the western edge of the Pyrenees in the Landes region, in the Ardèche area where Provence begins, in the Catalan part of France, by the sea near Perpignan, and on the Côte d’Azur. This covers the most important destinations for wonderful summer camping holidays in France with the best campsites of each region. French campsites open up relatively late in the year and most of them already close in September. Mobile homes and glamping accommodation are also typical of camping in France.