Conditions of Membership in LeadingBonus

1. Membership and membership cards
1.1 Membership is open only to individuals aged 18 or over, which among other things is in accordance with the relevant legal restrictions applying to minors. Companies and other corporate legal entities cannot be enrolled as members. Only one membership account is permitted per person.

1.2 Membership cards are the property of LeadingCampings e.V. After getting the card the customer has to activate the card in a special cardholders section on internet.

1.3 Membership is registered in the member’s name and at his/her stated address. The member shall state his or her own private or business address. All mail, security codes etc. are sent directly to the member. A LeadingBonus membership card is personal to the holder. Only the member whose personal data apply to the serial number of the card is entitled to use it.

1.4 The next LeadingCamping or LeadingCampings head office should be contacted immediately if your membership card is lost, stolen or damaged. The lost card will be blocked and a replacement card will be issued without loss of bonus points. This replacement card is chargeable.

1.5 Change of name or address must be filled in the form provided on internet by the card holder.  

1.6 The normal booking rules for all LeadingCampings apply to LeadingBonus members, regardless of their membership level.

1.7 LeadingBonus membership, regardless of level, does not give the member any right to be upgraded.

1.8 LeadingCampings e.V. reserves the right at its sole discretion to terminate LeadingBonus membership, and such termination can include forfeiture of points which have been issued but are unused, in case the membership is misused. Such misuse may e.g. consist of unruly or disrespectful behaviour towards LeadingCampings or its partners or their employees or guests, criminal acts or acts that are generally regarded as immoral or unethical.

1.9 Activating a LeadingBonus membership card is equivalent to accepting the Conditions of Membership in LeadingBonus.

1.10 Information on the status of an account may be issued only to LeadingCampings and the LeadingBonus member personally.

2. Earning points
2.1 Members must quote their LeadingBonus membership number when they book camping pitches or rental accommodation or when they check in, in order to ensure that their points are registered.

2.2 Points can be registered retroactively only in case of error and only if supporting documents are supplied. Points can be registered retroactively up to 30 days after the stay.

2.3 A LeadingBonus member earns points on the basis of overnights at a campsite.  Points are awarded only for completed stays and activities. Bookings taken but not used do not earn points. Points are not earned on stays paid with free-of-charge vouchers, i.e. from raffles or third parties.

2.4 Points are awarded only to the member.

2.5 A LeadingBonus member earn points on all stays and other activities from the date when the card was issued. The tariffs of the particular campsites will be taken as a basis.

2.6 At no time points may be sold, inherited, transferred or exchanged for cash or used for other purposes outside the LeadingBonus programme. Points, awards and documents may be confiscated in such circumstances. Two or more members cannot combine their points, e.g. in order to reach the amount required for bonus awards.

2.7 Members may redeem their points and order awards as soon as the amount of points in the account is sufficient for the award concerned. Points are valid for up to three years from the qualification period in which they were earned, afterwards they expire.

2.8 Points are not earned on discounted tariffs such as tour operator discount, corporate discounts, LeadingCampings reserves the right to exclude any type of tariff, booking special or destination from earning LeadingBonus points.

2.9 LeadingBonus members who take part in other similar loyalty programmes may earn points or similar for only one programme per stay. Once points have been registered in a LeadingBonus member’s account, they cannot be transferred to another programme.

2.10 If no points are earned over a continuous period of 24 months, LeadingCampings reserves the right to terminate membership, provided that the member has no remaining valid points for use.

2.11 Points can only be earned for one pitch or rental accommodation by one person per stay.

3. Exchanging points
3.1 Only the member personally who holds the account, can request prizes. Members must ensure that their card number and password are not disclosed to any unauthorized person. Members can not hold LeadingCampings liable for the consequences of any unauthorized disclosure of the password.

3.2 Points can be used as payment for prizes requiring a certain point stage. This may apply for premiums offered by LeadingCampings centrally or individually by the respective campground.

3.3 The number of specials available for bonus offers is strictly limited and is dependent on availability at the time of redeeming. During certain periods there may be no specials available for bonus offers.

3.4 Points can not be used in conjunction with discount offers, coupons or special promotions unless otherwise stated.

3.5 In some countries, fiscal considerations may apply to the use of benefits and awards within the frame-work of loyalty programmes offered by airlines, hotels, etc. Questions regarding such considerations shall be directed to the relevant authorities. LeadingCampings disclaims any liability whatsoever with respect to taxes or tax obligations imposed on the member in this regard.

4. Use of personal data
4.1 By activating the LeadingBonus card the member agrees to permit LeadingCampings to register and process personal data relating to the member and the member’s activities within the framework of membership in LeadingBonus in accordance with applicable legislation and the Terms & Conditions of Membership. The personal data registered will be processed for the purpose of administering the membership and LeadingBonus points accrued, to check and expedite orders and to coordinate offers and activities with LeadingCampings’ partners.

4.2 LeadingCampings e.V. is the legal entity responsible with regard to personal data protection. Members of LeadingBonus have the right to obtain information regarding what personal data relating to them are registered at LeadingBonus by submitting a written and personally signed request to LeadingCampings e.V., Kettelerstr. 26, D-40593 Düsseldorf, Germany. Members can rectify or remove any data concerning the member that is incorrect or incomplete by themselves in the internet section reserved to members. Furthermore, the member may write to the above address at any time and indicate that he/she no longer wishes to receive direct mailings.

5. Miscellaneous
5.1 The scope of LeadingCampings’ responsibility is limited to what is included in the award itself. All arrangements outside the award itself are beyond the scope of LeadingCampings’ responsibility.

5.2 Applicable fees and taxes shall be paid by the member. In the event that the member does not pay or contest the demand for payment of such fees/taxes or other reimbursement to which LeadingCampings or the related campsite is entitled, the member may not utilize his/her points until settlement is made.

5.3 From time to time LeadingBonus members receive special offers from LeadingCampings. These can be limited in time, to specific markets or to specific groups of members. Registration may also be made a requirement in order to utilize such offers.

5.4 Programme content, terms and conditions of membership, service benefits, rules governing points and amounts of points, as well as other information in these Terms & Conditions of Membership apply until further and can be altered without notice. LeadingCampings will use all reasonable efforts to advise changes well in advance, but will not be held liable in any ways for any failure to do so. The member will be informed accordingly via at least one of the LeadingBonus communication channels. Information about changes will be supplied by LeadingCampings on request. LeadingCampings reserves the right to terminate the LeadingBonus programme.

5.5 Should a LeadingBonus partner go into bankruptcy or in any other way find itself in a situation that prevents it from fulfilling its undertakings towards LeadingBonus and LeadingBonus’ members, points for awards booked but not utilized will be returned.

5.6 These Terms & Conditions of Membership replace all previous issues.

6. Disputes
6.1 In the event of disputes concerning LeadingBonus rules German law applies. Disputes will be settled in a German court of law. Information approved at time of going to press. LeadingCampings does not accept responsibility for subsequent changes or errors and omissions.